Vacuum Truck: TANK

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Cylindrical shaped tank made by corrosion and abrasion resistano carbon steel, 6 mm thick with dished heads (6 mm thick). It is electricallywelded and torsion free fixed on sub-frame.
It is tipped by a dual-action hydraulic cylinder placed in front of the tank.
Total capacity 10 m³ for sludge.
The full size rear door is hinged at the top, opened by 2 hydraulics double effect cylinders complete with a neoprene rubber seal to prevent leakage and nos. 2 manual wheels clamps for the locking.

N. 1 4” suction gate valve manual operated with in-let pipe and with quick ball-coupling.
N. 1 4” discharge gate valve manual operated and with quick ball-coupling.
N. 1 overflow valve of floating type.
N. 1 stainless steel float ball indicator to monitor the sludge load level.

Vacuum Truck: SUB-FRAME

The sub-frame between chassis frame and super structure is made by high quality steel including pump treverses drive.
It is fixed to the chassis frame by brakets, screws and longitudinal and transversal supporting plates according to the indications of the vehicle manufacturer.



The vacuum pump is driven by means of a gear box p.t.o. (Power Take Off) via a mechanical transmission.



The system is made by:
N. 1 stainless steel ball float shut-off system, fitted inside the sludge compartement, to shut down the air flow to prevent overfilling.
N. 1 moisture trap between the tank and the vacuum pump.
N. 1 air filter.
n. 1 overpressure valve set at 0.5 bar.
n. 1 vacuum breaking system.
n. 1 no return valve.
n. 1 4 ways valve for vacuum and pressure.


RC Miniexcavators

Vacuum Tanks and Mini Excavators


Made up of by an oil tank of suitable capacity, complete with filter and level gauge.

Hydraulic pump delivering power for the functioning of several devices (rear door, tank tipping, ecc.).
The dump and rear door controls are located at vehicle curb side for operator safety.



In the cab:
P.T.O. engagement with warning light.
Rotating beacon switch with warning light.
Control panel stanleis steel located at the rear right end:

Vacuum pump engagement/disengagement.
Vacuum gauge.
Engine accelerator.
Emergency stop button.

Vacuum Truck: VACUUM PUMP

Technology: rotary vane type
Manufacturer: JUROP
Model: jurop PR 122
Cooling: air
Max airflow: 672 CFM
Max vacuum: 95%
Silencer: fitted on intake of the vacuum pump exhaust


Inside: Sandblasting and anticorrosive bituminous paint treating.
Outside: one coat of anti rust protective paint and two coats of finishing coats (Iveco white).
Counter-frame and groups mounted on it (painted in the same colour of the frame).



n. 2 open galvanised steel racks suitable to store hoses and located on the side of the tank.
n. 2 galvanised steel mudguards for rear wheels equipped with splashboard.
n. 3 DN 100 mm flex suction hoses, 2,5 m long, complete with quick ball-coupling.